Honoring Gamers and Developers

September 11, 2023 | PC

Honoring Gamers and Developers

Video Game / Game Developer’s Celebration

Do you remember the experience of trying a video game for the first time: A wave of excitement and happiness as you traversed a pixelated world brought to you by unsung hero developers of your childhood?

Go with us down memory lane as we celebrate this September week in honor of all game developers and their creations. From the 11th of September, 9 AM UTC, to the 20th of September, 9 AM UTC, we are hosting a special sale with discounts on select Account Lifetime weapons and Joker Tickets.

The sale will also introduce a new variant of a beloved weapon.

Musings from the waterfront…

The CSA has repossessed a weapons storage garage - rumored to belong to the leader of the Blood Roses…

The weapons were held for auction, and the ARMAS Marketplace was the highest bidder. One of the weapons found was that of a Colby CSG-20, which seemed to be altered in a way that allowed for a single modification. Through reverse engineering in coordination with Redhill, the ARMAS Marketplace was able to make a replica of the weapon - though the weapon is expensive to make, and their partnership with Redhill has stipulations on the contract’s length.

For a limited time, you can reap the rewards of their efforts, and the “Colby CSG-20 Mk2” is now available for the duration of the sale!"

Additionally, the ARMAS Marketplace has also discounted select Account Lifetime weapons and purchases of Joker Tickets.

Machine Guns

  • CASE “The Bolo” NFCP 3
  • CASE “The K.O.”
  • SHAW 556 R&D III
  • VAS SW2 “Empire”

Semi-Automatic Guns

  • Obeya SLR762 “Hoplite”
  • Obeya SLR762 “Spartan”
  • Obeya SLR762 “Broadside”
  • STAC 10 Tactical R&D III
  • STAC 10 Scope R&D III


  • Colby CSG “Country Gent”
  • Colby CSG-20 PR1
  • Colby CSG-20 PR2
  • JG-1140

Sniper Rifles

  • Agrotech DMR-AV PR1
  • Agrotech DMR-AV PR2
  • N-HVR 243 Scout PR1
  • N-HVR 243 Scout PR2
  • PSR “Kite” R&D III

Submachine Guns

  • Agrotech ACES R&D III
  • CBMP-45 “Dart”
  • Colby PMG-SD 28 “Hush” X-III
  • VAS-C2 “Trouble Maker”
  • OCA 626 “Whisper” RT1
  • OCA 626 “Whisper” PR1
  • OCA 626 “Whisper” PR2

Assault Rifles

  • Agrotech ACES Rifle R&D III
  • Agrotech VAS R-2 “Crown”
  • Agrotech VAS R-2 “Scepter”
  • STAR 556 R&D III

Secondary Weapons

  • Colby .45 AP
  • FR0G “Kokoe”
  • ATC44 Golden Marksman PR1
  • Colby RSA “Hunter”
  • Joker RFP-9 “Fang”
  • Showstopper

So don't forget to stop by and make use of the neat store discount! With the Premium officially being extended until the 31st of December, 2023, this is a perfect opportunity to start stacking up for the rest of the year.

We wish you a wonderful, gaming-filled celebration week!

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