HOP ON IT Spring Egg Hunt

April 12, 2019 | PC

HOP ON IT Spring Egg Hunt

The Egg Hunt is back.

Collect as many eggs as you can within a set time by mugging bunnies, chickens and other players in special Easter versions of Financial and Waterfront. Earn several new titles and unlock fun animal themed clothing!

Find bunnies and chickens walking around the city, and mug them to steal their eggs. Bunnies carry 1 egg each, and chickens carry up to 5 eggs.

If you're feeling extra spiteful on this festive day, then mug other players and steal all their eggs. If it's just too dicey, you can take out players for half of their egg supply (rounded to the nearest whole number).

You may deliver any eggs you are carrying to contacts, which will prevent them from being stolen. Keep the following in mind:

  • The Easter Egg Hunt is a free-for-all event, with no teams or factions.
  • Each game lasts 20 minutes.
  • After mugging a chicken, bunny, or player you will receive a speed boost and become invulnerable for a short time. This egg shield will allow you to make a quick escape and it's indicated by a ring of floating eggs appearing around your character.
  • While invulnerable you will not be allowed to use any weapons, and the effect will be cancelled if you enter a vehicle or activate certain character mods.
  • Other players cannot interfere while you are mugging someone.
  • While you're carrying the top 20% number of eggs in the district you will not be able to return to the lobby, so be sure to drop your eggs off at a contact first before heading out.
  • If you have the highest number of eggs, then you will become an Egg Lord! You will be visible to other players on the map making you easier to hunt down until you drop off your eggs.


Achievement Requirement Reward
Den Protector Play the Easter Egg Hunt Event 10 times Title: Battle Hopper
Den Ruler Kill 30 players in the Easter Egg Hunt Event Title: Big Rooster
Egg Thief Mug 15 players in the Easter Egg Hunt Event Title: Hot Chick
Mayor's Egg Hunter Deliver 1000 Eggs to contacts Title: Eggstravagant

Role: Egg Wrangler

Rank Eggs Collected Reward
1 100 100 Joker Tickets
2 100 100 Joker Tickets and a choice of:
Title: Easter Bunny
Title: The Real Easter Bunny
Title: Egg Smuggler
3 100 100 Joker Tickets
4 100 100 Joker Tickets and a choice of:
Title: Egg Head
Title: Skull Cracker
Title: Oologist
5 100 100 Joker Tickets
6 100 100 Joker Tickets and a choice of:
Title: Thug's Life
Title: Pure Gangster
Title: Egg-O-Matic
7 100 100 Joker Tickets
8 100 Clothing: Egg Mask
100 Joker Tickets
9 100 100 Joker Tickets
10 100 100 Joker Tickets and a choice of:
Title: The Big Hit
Title: The Thumper
Title: The Wolf
11 100 100 Joker Tickets
12 100 100 Joker Tickets and a choice of:
Title: Chicken Coop
Title: Hopping Mad
Title: In the Hen House
13 100 100 Joker Tickets
14 100 Clothing: Rabbit Mask
100 Joker Tickets
15 100 Clothing: Animal Suit
Title: Egg Wrangler

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