Legendary Beta

June 22, 2020 | PC

Legendary Beta

You've already read about our 10th anniversary celebration. Now, we want to make the last two very big announcements that will coincide with that event. To start, we are fundamentally changing our monetization model by removing JMBs and allowing you to rent and obtain Legendaries with in-game Joker Tickets. Alongside these changes, we are going to start the public Open Beta for the new engine on Saturday, June 6/27. Be sure to read to the end of this post to catch it all!

Legendary Update

On 6/10, Joker Gunworks started renovating gun rentals, but there's one legendary surprise they saved for last!

After our last update, you may have spotted Anne Partridge lurking around the Joker Store. She's been on the run from RedHill and keeping things quiet, but now she's ready to don her uniform and trade her hacking skills in for Joker Gunworks' protection.


Starting June 24, when you go into the Joker Store, Anne will be your official liaison for all those black-market deals Joker would prefer to keep off the books. She's been hacking shipments to secure more of the prototype parts and weapons they use to supply Legendaries to the public, so now she can make them available for valued Joker Gunworks customers to rent all the time.

Let's take a look!

Legendary Rental 1

There are a few things to note about this new menu. First, you can now rent Legendaries with Joker Tickets directly from the in-game Joker Store instead of going through ARMAS. Paying the rental price will unlock the Legendary for 7 days, which means you can try them out and see what matches your playstyle the best.

Anne likes repeat business and she likes to tease her customers. Occasionally, she'll make a "mistake" and not log that you rented the gun. Then you get to keep it for good. This means that, each time you rent from her, you have a 5% chance to permanently unlock that same Legendary for good. Once it's yours, that character can keep it, trade it, or sell it - whatever you want!

Legendary Rental 2

But what happens if you don't get lucky?

Don't worry, Anne has you covered! If you test a Legendary enough times, she'll give you the gun anyway as thanks for all the valuable field data you've collected. Here's how it works:

You may have noticed those green bars in the first menu we showed you. With Joker Gunworks' rental loyalty program, each rental where you don't get a permanent drop will fill that green bar slightly. Once a bar is completely full (around 20 rentals without a permanent unlock), your next rental is a guaranteed permanent drop! Whenever you get a permanent version, the bar is reset. For the first time ever, players can save up Joker Tickets to play with Legendaries!

Legendary Rental 3

As part of this change, we are finally retiring the Joker Mystery Boxes from ARMAS. We are moving away from loot boxes that never guarantee anything and often result in junk rewards you didn't want. Starting June 24th, if you want to speed things up, you can directly purchase bundles of Joker Tickets from ARMAS at a rate of 100G1C for 500JT.

Joker Tickets 500
Joker Tickets 2500
Joker Tickets 5000
Joker Tickets 10000
Joker Tickets 25000

As a thank you for your support, you get a bonus 1% chance at a permanent Legendary gun from the entire pool for each 500 Joker Tickets that you purchase this way. The advantage of this system is that we get to keep the jackpot moments that you guys love with absolutely no downside. You will always get the exact value for your money, and if you don't get the bonus, you can still use those Joker Tickets you purchased to get the exact Legendary that you want.

We hope that this new system will empower both new and old players to progress the way they want in APB. Whether you build up Joker Tickets through play or support us directly through purchases, all our guns now have a path for you to rent, try, and eventually own.

Website Beta

We are finally ready to open the Beta client to you all!

Our first Open Beta will run from 11am-2pm Pacific on Saturday, June 27th. It will have two districts available for you to use - Social and Asylum. To join, you will need to download the Beta client here and log in using your existing APB account. Please note that we will continue to update the client as we gear up for this test. If you have a limited connection, you may want to hold off downloading the client until Friday.

The first time you enter, we will copy over your characters from Live so you can try out the build for yourself.

Here are some things to remember when playing the Open Beta:

  • When selecting a district, the client will automatically connect you to the region with the best ping for you. If you want to change your region manually, you can do so by clicking on the cog icon. Players from Jericho and Citadel can mix and match on any server they want.
  • The numbers you use for mouse sensitivity and handling in the Live client will not be the same as what you need to use in the Beta. Because numbers scale differently in the new client, we can't give you a 1:1 conversion for your settings. Please experiment and find what numbers feel best for you.
  • Finally, please remember that this is a Beta! Things will break. In fact, we hope you guys will help us stress the heck out of this build. Every issue you find and report brings us one step closer to the Full release, so please be sure to get us all your feedback on the forums. Below are some instructions on where and how to do that in a constructive manner.


Once you've had a chance to try things out, we'd love to hear from you.

We've made a dedicated section on the forums where you can go to let us know what you think, check out our known issues, and leave any bugs you might find. You can check that out here. Please be sure to leave your feedback in this new section and not in the forum's Social District section. There's a lot of stuff to unpack with the Beta, and we want to make sure we hear from every one of you. Posting in the right place will ensure your voice is heard.


If you didn't get a chance to watch the public stream in April, here are some screenshots from the current Beta build to help tide you over until the 27th.

Open Beta 1
Open Beta 2
Open Beta 3

In just one short week, that can be you!

This beta test is just one stop on our road to a Full Release, but it is an important one. Thank you for your patience on this journey, and we hope you will join us for this latest milestone.

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