Holiday Event 2022

December 14, 2022 | PC

Holiday Event 2022

Since his wallet was last season's shopping spree's most tragic victim - again - mister Claus seemed to have gotten the message: San Paro doesn't do handouts!

San Paro takes to the abundance of bad kiddie coal sent their way and uses it to set the streets on fire just before it brings out the big guns and selects those most worthy of the gifts of Christmas.

Do you think you got what it takes? Well, tough luck. So does the rest of the city! Why don't you step into the blizzard of Christmas mayhem and show us how much you really want that Christmas gift?

Still, it is a gifting season, so we are being fair. You will have not one but three opportunities to come out on top and get your treat. Set the Christmas spirit on fire by participating in one of three separate events:

Dev Gun Game

Snowball fight is for children!

...Unless it's done with an industrial-strength snowball blaster. Spice up the snow day and compete persistently to be the ultimate snowball champion!

  • 5 matches = +300JT
  • 10 matches = +300JT
  • 15 matches = +400JT
  • 20 matches = +400JT

Get on with it! You will find yourself addicted to the adrenaline and, once you do, keep going. If you are willing to take the snowball blaster in the face for the glory total of 30 times, then you're going down in the history of San Paro as "The Greatest Snowman."

  • 30 matches = +500JT and "The Greatest Snowman" player title

12 Deaths of Xmas

There will be many of those considering themselves worthy of Christmas cheer. You must deliver a harsh truth and put them in their place. Even if it makes you "A Mean One." Take to your gun and progress through 12 levels of the game, each making your wallet just a bit fatter and, ultimately, making you the talk of the town as the one that will go to lengths to feel the joy of Christmas in your hardened soul.

  • Rank 1 = +300JT
  • Rank 3 = +300JT
  • Rank 6 = +400JT
  • Rank 9 = +400JT
  • Rank 12 = +500JT and "A Mean One" player title

Holiday Cheer

And now, for some quality time with the entire street while the guns a cooling down. It's fun for all ages, and the rules are so simple even your neighbor's pet goldfish could follow them:

  • Track down the pure "Holiday Cheer" snowman in the festive Beacon to become the Nutcracker Prince and start the timed event.
  • The Nutcracker Prince must "dose" (kill) other players to convert them to their Nutcracker Army. While on the hunt, the Nutcracker Prince and Nutcracker Soldiers will see all "non-dosed" players as the Sugar Plum Fairy, so better use those wings to escape faster.
  • Nutcracker Soldiers must also "dose" other players to recruit them into the Nutcracker Army.
  • Sugar Plum Fairies (Survivors) must avoid being "dosed" until the time runs out.

Every fun must end, and Holiday Cheer's incoming conclusion will be signaled when the bell tolls. From that moment, the survivors will be visible on the map, so don't breathe a sigh of relief just yet! Fight until the round ends fully.

Nutcracker Prince (red outfit)

  • Buffed up health and "Holiday Cheer" gun.
  • Earn points by "dosing" (killing) Sugar Plum Fairies.

Nutcracker Soldiers (green outfit)

  • Able to re-spawn multiple times without penalty.
  • Earn points for killing Sugar Plum Fairies.

Sugar Plum Fairies

  • Earn points for surviving.
  • Earn extra points for killing and thereby becoming the Nutcracker Prince.

So, what do you get for going through all of this?

  • Level 1 = +300JT
  • Level 2 = +300JT
  • Level 3 = +400JT
  • Level 4 = +400JT
  • Level 5 = +500JT

And if you can't get enough of this game, then you're the one we're looking for, and we have a special something for you! Play the Holiday Cheer event three times in one day (at any time before the day rolls over at midnight UTC), and we will admit that you're simply "Nuts About Gats!"

  • Play the event three times in one day = "Nuts About Gats" player title Clean your barrels and get ready to bring some holiday feel to streets San Paro style! From December 23rd to January 13th, Santa Claus will pretend he doesn't see what you're up to. Make the best of it!

To all of you mayhem lords and ladies out there, we wish you a stroke of good luck and a Merry Xmas!

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