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Patch Notes


Bug Fixes, Stability and Weapon Drop Rollback - Build number: 1.20.0 (1145)


This update addresses bug fixes and stability issues. It also rolls back the Global Weapon Drops.

  • Weapons only drop from players hands while playing RIOT
  • Weapons in RIOT respawn more frequently
  • Updated respawning mechanics in RIOT, this will be an ongoing process
  • Updated the icon for the Hightop boots to the correct icon
  • Fixed some RIOT van spawns and vehicle wreaks that were not placed correctly
  • Moved some crates in Riot to keep players from being able to get stuck
  • Picking up a temporary weapon from a giftbox will cause you to drop your currently equipped weapon on the ground

With additional Anti-cheat measures - Build number: 1.20.0 (1142)


With this release we are pushing live our new Riot Mode BETA. This new mode will challenge the most skilled players as they race to make it to the end of a collapsing map and to be last man standing.

For additional information about getting started, we recommend taking a look at our recent introduction to the new mode. LINK:


Riot Mode
  • Riot is now accessible to everyone.
  • The new Yakuza Skin is available as a reward with the new mode.
  • The In-game Joker Store has had its inventory updated. More changes forthcoming.
Easy Anti-Cheat
  • Easy Anti-Cheat has been implemented to improve cheat detection.
NEW Joker Mystery Box
  • JMB 22 featuring the NTEC-7 Compact 'New Glory' is now available.


  • Improvements have been made to Trade Locking when moving computers.
  • General Bug fixes and improvements to stability.
  • Rewards for those who participated in our Alternative Reality Game have been implemented.


  • Optimized and refined messaging within the UI.
  • Automatic Respawn has been added when enough cash has been collected.
  • Switching districts during Spectate Mode is now possible.
  • Initial implementation of Scoreboards has been added.
  • Starting weapon has been revised.
  • Driving has been removed, for now, within RIOT.


  • Audio issues could be present resulting in minimal SFX.
  • Particle effects can be displayed before they are supposed to.
  • Boundary issues around Dangers Zones may be noticeable on uneven surfaces.
  • Unreachable weapon spawns may be seen sporadically.
  • Slight delays may be seen when the mode resets.