Valentine's Day 2019 Event

February 8, 2019 | PC

Valentine's Day 2019 Event

Hi Wastelanders,

Work continues on upgrading Fallen Earth, but while you wait, we thought we would bring back an event with... Heart.

Valentine's Day 2019 Event

What's better than surviving a nuclear holocaust and wandering your way across a blasted brown landscape rife with societal collapse? Why, sharing said wanderings with someone you love, of course (or at least, someone you lust after in that we've-got-to-do-this-for-the-future-of-mankind sort of way). Starting from February 13th through February 26th, the gruesome festivities will include a special "My Bloody Valentine" mission which features a Heartbreaker item and a crafting recipe that will enable players to rip out, preserve, and gift their hearts to whomever they desire.

Valentine's Day Massacre event

Quest giver NPC locations:

Plateau, Midway, NPC Anova, 3891188 3190361 (player level requirement for quest 1-9)
Plateau, Watchtower, NPC Buret, 4504460 3936941 (player level requirement for quest 10-19)
Northfields, Barret Manor, NPC Buffer, 4339317 5344129 (player level requirement for quest 20-25)
Northfields, Blaine, NPC Parse, 4876143 5753737 (player level requirement for quest 26-30)
Kaibab Forest, Dieseltown, NPC Ansi, 6104965 5699894 (player level requirement for quest 31-35)
Kaibab Forest, Tannerfield, NPC Syntax, 6689796 4851094 (player level requirement for quest 36-44)
Deadfall, Los Alamos, NPC Dot Matrix, 5525367 5105788 (player level requirement for quest 45-55)

Quest giver NPC "The Heartbreaker" locations:

Plateau, Pass Chris, 4520686 3775697 (player level requirement for quest 1-15)
Northfields, Barret Manor, 4309364 5331557 (player level requirement for quest 16-30)
Kaibab Forest, Dieseltown, 6179715 5713842 (player level requirement for quest 31-45)
Deadfall, Los Alamos, 5521236 511569 (player level requirement for quest 46-55)
Alpha Zone, Central Alpha County, Shackleton, 6439192 4099478 (player level requirement for quest 46-55)

World Event "Cuddles is Loose!" locations:

Plateau, Ascendant Ridge, 4423851 3701070
Northfields, Union Plains, 4060705 5444167
Kaibab Forest, Northern Forest, 6334436 5606097
Deadfall, 5805612 5170303
Alpha Zone, Central Alpha County, 6566960 3893852
Epsilon Zone, 6333741 3387096

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Valentine's Day 2019 Event
Valentine's Day 2019 Event
Feb 8, 2019 | PC
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