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Joker Mystery Box 12 - Buy 1 Get 1 Free!


All new for Joker Box 12 is the OCSP “Kommandant” which excels at controlled shots, perfect for anyone who enjoys a quick accurate kill. Wear your lucky suit on your gun as it comes in one of four unique variants:

  • OCSP "Kommandant" Clubs
  • OCSP "Kommandant" Spades
  • OCSP "Kommandant" Hearts
  • OCSP "Kommandant" Diamonds

Each variant is equipped with a tagger which has had its standard icon replaced with the suit of your OCSP "Kommandant". Upon receiving the gun in your inbox, you will be able to choose the suit of your preference.

Each Joker Mystery Box 12 randomly rewards one of the following prizes:
  • OCSP 'Kommandant'
  • Bishada Rapier Sport S4/Patriot V20 Super 4A (180 Days)
  • Vegas G20 4x4 'Gumshoe' (180 Days)
  • Patriot Vegas G24 (180 Days)
  • Charge Cisco 1804 (365 Days)
  • Dolton Fresno D 400 (365 Days)
  • Premium (30 Days)
  • OCA-EW 626-SD NFCP3 (10 Days)
  • Colby PM-SD 28 'Hush' X-III (10 Days)
  • Agrotech ACES R&D III (15 Days)
  • ATAC 424 NFCP3(10 Days)
  • Joker CR5 (15 Days)
  • ATAC 424 'Watchman' (15 Days)
  • Colby RSA 'Hunter' (10 Days)
  • Colby CSG 'Country Gent' (10 Days)
  • JG 1140 'Knock Knock' (10 Days)
  • N-HVR 762 Dvah (15 Days)
  • Agrotech ACES R&D III (15 Days)
  • STAC 10 Tactical R&D III (15 Days)
  • Pathfinder SD PR2 (15 Days)
  • Pathfinder PR2 (15 Days)
  • Pathfinder LR PR2 (15 Days)
  • Premium (10 or 5 Days)
  • Random Armas Weapon ** (3 Days)

Joker Mystery Box Item Categories:
  • Orange = LEGENDARY
  • Purple = Epic
  • Blue = Rare
  • Green = Common

** Not including Rare Joker Mystery Box Weapons listed above.

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Price: 99 G1C
Duration: 0 days

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