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Yakuza: Dragon Bundle (Account Lifetime)

Influenced by the dragons of legend, these 10 Yakuza preset clothing items could make you the legend you always knew you were.

The Yakuza: Dragon Bundle includes the following presets*:

  • Female
    • Yakuza Dragon Baseball Jersey
    • Yakuza Dragon Beaded Scarf
    • Yakuza Dragon Capri Leggings
    • Yakuza Dragon Over the Knee Socks (Left and Right)
    • Yakuza Dragon Ringer T
  • Male
    • Yakuza Dragon Chinos
    • Yakuza Dragon Medium T
    • Yakuza Dragon Military Jumper
    • Yakuza Dragon Baseball Cap
    • Yakuza Dragon Cargo Capri Shorts
  • Decals
    • Yakuza Dragon

*Presets are uniquely skinned clothing items that are not able to be altered.

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