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Colby .45 AP (Account Lifetime)
The Colby .45 AP is an old warhorse of a gun – it was the gun that the FBW was based on and, like its younger brother, has great killing potential and is very powerful even to medium ranges. Unlike its sibling, however, it doesn’t have any of the modern comforts – it kicks like a mule and the larger caliber necessitates a smaller magazine.


  • Health Damage: Mid
  • Stamina Damage: Low
  • Hard Damage: Low
  • Effective Range: High
  • Rate of Fire: Low - Mid
  • Reload Speed: Mid - High
  • Mobility: Max
  • Clip Size: 7
  • Ammo Capacity: 56
  • Ammo Type: Magnum
  • Required Faction: Both
  • 1,499 1,199 G1C
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