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Mirage S-24
The Mirage takes some of the most liked features of the Patriot Vegas 4x4 and Han Coywolf and puts its own spin on it to create a new unique way to cruise through the streets of San Paro.
Whether you're on a tactical mission, in a high-speed chase, or just savoring the thrill of driving, the Mirage stands as a testament to power, agility, and innovation.

The Mirage Includes:

  • Sungnyemun Mirage S-24

  • Drive Type: All-wheel Drive
  • Acceleration: Max
  • Speed: High
  • Grip: Medium
  • Durability: Mid
  • Ramming Ability: Low
  • Cargo Capacity: Low
  • Seats: 4

  • Mods:
    • Open Slot
    • Open Slot
    • Open Slot
    • Open Slot

    • Mirage Ichigo Hunter (Chr)
    • Mirage Ichigo Hunter (Blk)
    • Mirage Ichigo Hutner (Sil)
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