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Paramilitary Bonus Pack (Enforcer)
This exclusive pack contains the following items:
  • Outlaw Mask
  • Ski mask
  • Snoutfilter Gas Mask
  • Parka Hood Up
  • Army Belt
  • Thigh Rig (L/R)
  • Chest Rig
  • Rifleman Chest Rig Config
  • Gobi Weapon Skin (FREE BONUS)
  • Desert Camo N-TEC - 30 Day (FREE BONUS)
Available for a LIMITED TIME only!
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ATTENTION: Please note that the in-game mail will not display all of the Paramilitary Gear components that you will unlock. To view all of the unlocks please go to the Clothing Customization Kiosk. Please note that the Gobi Weapon Skin applies to the N-TEC Weapon.
959 767 G1C
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