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Rapid Reaction Gear (Criminal)
Rapid Reaction Gear includes:
  • Clothing Unlock: Tactical Harness
  • Clothing Unlock: Induction Helmet
  • Clothing Unlock: Jumpsuit


This Tactical Harness features titanium hoops and links,hard wearing nylon fabrics and leather straps. As well as being able to be equipped with multiple weapon configs, it lifts, protects and separates.

Hardened plastic and carbon fiber come together in this amazing piece of headgear. The visor is self-cleaning and the air filtration system keeps what you’re breathing pure.

Originally designed for use at fifty thousand feet, this suit’s been brought back down to earth with a bump when it was found to be perfectly adept in the on-going ground conflict of San Paro.

Faction = CRIMINAL
Gender = BOTH
597 478 G1C
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