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Wargear Bonus Pack (Criminal)

For Criminals on the warpath, here is everything you need to fight for freedom loud and proud! Viva la Guerra Libero!

Wargear Bonus Pack includes :
  • Wargear Outfit
    - Unlock: Chest Rig
    - Unlock: Army Belt
    - Unlock: Thigh Rig (L)
    - Unlock: Thigh Rig (R)
    - Unlock: Spray Cans Leg Config (L)
    - Unlock: Spray Cans Leg Config (R)
    - Unlock: Grenades Chest Rig Config
    - Unlock: Cargo Capri Shorts
    - Unlock: Cropped Hooded Jacket (Female Only) or...
    - Unlock: Slim Padded Jacket (Male Only)
  • Agrotech ACES Rifle R&D III (30 Day)

Faction = CRIMINAL
Gender = BOTH

You will receive either the Cropped Hooded Jacket or Slim Padded Jacket depending upon your Character's gender. You will NOT receive both.
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