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Dark Prophecy 'Priestess' (Account Lifetime)
When you ripped off the veil of blissful ignorance after laying down your first few bodies, you found yourself initiated into a world where good and bad, darkness and light, enforcers and criminals, were concepts that simply could not exist without their counterpart. The acceptance of this duality was a divine gift of knowledge, and in a city divided, you walk a higher path than those around you - seeing beyond the realm of this violence soaked city.


    • Dark Prophecy “Priestess”: Basketball Jersey
    • Dark Prophecy “Priestess”: Capri Leggings
    • Dark Prophecy “Priestess”: Death Jacket
    • Dark Prophecy “Priestess”: Long Sleeved Shirt
    • Dark Prophecy “Priestess”: Racing Helmet


      • Dark Prophecy “Priestess”: A-Shirt
      • Dark Prophecy “Priestess”: Baseball Jersey
      • Dark Prophecy “Priestess”: Death Jacket
      • Dark Prophecy “Priestess”: Medium T
      • Dark Prophecy “Priestess”: Skinny Jeans


        • Priestess

        *Presets are uniquely skinned clothing items that are not able to be altered.

99 G1C
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