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Performance Kit MEGA Pack
Performance Kit MEGA PACK
This is the ultimate COMBO PACK to pimp out your Patriot Jericho or Bishada Rapier

It contains the following items:

Performance Kit 1 -
Performance Kit 2 -
This PACK contains all the contents from both Performance Kit 1 and Performance Kit 2 with one unbeatable price.

Patriot Jericho

  • V20 Piper Sun Spots
  • V20 Rear Window Louvers
  • V20 S4 Hotdrive Front Bumper
  • V20 S4 Hotdrive Head Light
  • V20 S4 Hotdrive Hood
  • V20 S4 Hotdrive Panels
  • V20 S4 Hotdrive Rear Bumper
  • V20 S4 Hotdrive Steering Wheel
  • V20 S4 Hotdrive Seats
  • V20 S4 Hotdrive Skirts
  • V20 S4 Hotdrive Spoiler
  • V20 S4 Hotdrive Taillight

  • V20 Challenger Front Bumper
  • V20 Challenger Head Light
  • V20 Challenger Hood
  • V20 Challenger Rear Bumper
  • V20 Challenger Steering Wheel
  • V20 Challenger Seats
  • V20 Challenger Skirts
  • V20 Challenger Spoiler
  • V20 Challenger Taillight
  • V20 Challenger Wing Mirrors
  • V20 MIA Center Guard
  • V20 Lambert HID Spotlights
  • V20 Piper Spectrum 3200s

Bishada Rapier

  • Rapier Compact Antenna
  • Rapier Nici Front Bumper
  • Rapier Nici Front Bumper Wide
  • Rapier Nici Headlight
  • Rapier Nici Hood
  • Rapier Nici Rear Bumper
  • Rapier Nici Rear Bumper Wide
  • Rapier Nici Roof
  • Rapier Nici Steering Wheel
  • Rapier Nici Seats
  • Rapier Nici Skirts
  • Rapier Nici Spoiler
  • Rapier Nici Taillight
  • Rapier Nici W. Mirrors

  • Rapier Abra Front Bumper
  • Rapier Abra Front Bumper Wide
  • Rapier Abra Headlight
  • Rapier Abra Hood
  • Rapier Abra Rear Bumper
  • Rapier Abra Rear Bumper Wide
  • Rapier Abra Roof
  • Rapier Abra Steering Wheel
  • Rapier Abra Seats
  • Rapier Abra Skirts
  • Rapier Abra Spoiler
  • Rapier Abra Spoiler (Metallic)
  • Rapier Abra Taillight
  • Rapier Abra Wing Mirrors

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