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Compact Kit 2
Want to pimp out your Mikro or Vaquero with one of today's hottest body kits? Well today is your lucky day.

The Compact Kit 2 comes with all the parts to trick out your favorite vehicle!

The Compact Kit 2 comes with:

Mikro Quickstyle Kit (Criminal Only)
  • Mikro Quickstyle Interior
  • Mikro Quickstyle Front B.
  • Mikro Quickstyle Headlights
  • Mikro Quickstyle Hood
  • Mikro Quickstyle Rear B.
  • Mikro Quickstyle Seats
  • Mikro Quickstyle Skirts
  • Mikro Quickstyle Spoiler
  • Mikro Quickstyle Roof
  • Mikro Quickstyle W. Mirrors
  • Mikro Quickstyle Taillight
Vaquero Ionika Kit (Enforcer Only)
  • Vaquero Ionika Front B. (Blk)
  • Vaquero Ionika Headlight
  • Vaquero Ionika Hood
  • Vaquero Ionika Rear B. (Blk)
  • Vaquero Ionika Seats
  • Vaquero Ionika Steps (Blk)
  • Vaquero Ionika Taillight
  • Vaquero Ionika Foglight
  • Vaquero Ionika Grille (Blk)
  • Vaquero Ionika Grille (Chr)
  • Vaquero Ionika Grille
  • Vaquero Freerider Roof
  • Vaquero MIA Go-Grille (Blk)
  • Vaquero MIA Go-Grille (Chr)
  • Vaquero Ionika Interior
  • Vaquero Ursus Front B.
  • Vaquero Ursus Rear B.
  • Vaquero Ursus Steps

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