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Vehicle Collector's Pack
Account Lifetime - Limited Release

Every player needs more than a couple cars in their garage. Upgrade your game and get the keys to a set of three unique vehicles across all of your existing and new characters. You can drive away happy knowing that you saved a bundle in this limited release pack.

Pack Contents:
  • Sungnyemun Moirai S-24 (4 Slot Customizable Vehicle)
  • Moirai FormXtend Kit
  • Moirai Optimus Kit
  • Moirai Wheels Kit
  • Nulander Kurai NKA-54 (4 Slot Customizable Vehicle)
  • Kurai Sturazi Kit
  • Kurai Leviatek Kit
  • Kurai Wheels Kit
  • Vegas G20 4x4 'Gumshoe'

NOTE: External Police Lights ARE NOT included in the Gumshoe Vehicle.
3,359 2,687 G1C
20% OFF!
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