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Han Coywolf Bundle
Prepare to lead the pack with the all new Han Coywolf. A fiercely powerful hybrid that combines superb handing and high acceleration. With gobs of fine-tuned power, this car is made for getting into the action and dodging your way out. Designed with menacing intentions, the Coywolf is built to be a predator on and off the streets.

The Han Coywolf Bundle Includes:

  • The Han Coywolf CR4

  • Open Slot
  • Open Slot
  • Open Slot
  • Open Slot

  • Coywolf Front End
  • Coywolf Rear Bumper
  • Coywolf Wing Mirrors
  • Coywolf Hood
  • Coywolf Roof
  • Coywolf Seats
  • Coywolf Side Skirts
  • Coywolf Spoiler
  • Coywolf Interior
  • Coywolf Taillights

  • Veo Zodiac (GBlk)
  • Veo Zodiac (Col)
  • Veo Zodiac (Chr)

Dump Valve Audio:
  • Veo RGrid Blow Off Valve
  • Veo Construct Dump Valve
  • Veo Autovance Dump Valve
  • Veo Nelson NRX Dump Valve

Exhaust Audio:
  • Veo RGrid Rev4
  • Veo RGP Krauser III

Speak Audio:
  • Veo Durante SPE-96C3
  • Veo Doshi S460i
  • Veo Sigil SRC 53i Bass
  • Veo Onset AD-KX7 Bass+

Transmission Audio:
  • Veo NE Racing Transmission
  • Veo Construct Transmission
  • Veo WFP Transmission
  • Veo Founder Transmission

Turbo Audio:
  • Veo Pro Force F8 Turbo
  • Veo VPC ThurstPlus Turbo
  • Veo Celerity S36 Turbo
  • Veo Overcharge UT235 Turbo
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