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Bishada Kissaki Sport Bundle
A top of the range Rapier with a custom Kissaki body kit. It has a chassis capable of being fitted with up to 4 custom Modifications.


Bishada Kissaki Sport Bundle includes:
  • Customizable 4-Slot Vehicle: Bishada Kissaki
  • Kissaki On-Board Laptop
  • Kissaki Suspect Pursuit System
  • Kissaki Sport Doors
  • Kissaki Sport Front B.
  • Kissaki Sport Rear B.
  • Kissaki Sport Headlights.
  • Kissaki Sport Hood
  • Kissaki Sport Roof
  • Kissaki Sport Seats
  • Kissaki Sport Skirts
  • Kissaki GT Spoiler
  • Kissaki Sport Spoiler
  • Kissaki Sport S. Wheel
  • Kissaki Sport Taillight
  • Kissaki Sport Wheels
  • Kissaki Sport Wheels (Gbk)
  • Kissaki Sport Wheels (Blk)
  • Kissaki Sport Wheels (Chr)
  • Kissaki Sport Roll Cage
  • Kissaki Hot Response RX-III
  • Kissaki ARS Powerbright-II
  • Kissaki Hot Response RX-II
  • Kissaki Tomia UV Urgency
  • Kissaki EVE Xenon-II Beacon
  • Kissaki Winbolt Nemesis
  • Kissaki Boomer Raptor III
  • Kissaki Boomer Swingback
  • Kissaki STOP Lightbar
  • Kissaki Boomer Halogens
  • Kissaki EVE MAX LEDs
  • Kissaki Tomia Intercept
  • Kissaki City Soldier LS
  • Kissaki Sport W. Mirrors

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