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Criminal Waragi LAV Vehicle + Kit
Outfitted with additional heavy duty panels this car is equipped for ultimate vehicle warfare, energy drinks not included

Included Vehicle:

  • Nulander Pioneer Waragi

Included Components:

  • Waragi  Front B.
  • Waragi  Front B. (Matte)
  • Waragi Armor (Bullbars)
  • Waragi Hood
  • Waragi Hood (Matte)
  • Waragi Side Skirts (Plastic)
  • Waragi Doors
  • Waragi Doors (Matte)
  • Waragi Roof
  • Waragi Roof (Matte)
  • Waragi Roof Lights
  • Waragi Roof Rack
  • Waragi Rear B.
  • Waragi Rear B. (Matte)
  • Waragi Spoiler
  • Waragi Spoiler (Matte)
  • Waragi Grille
  • Waragi Grille (Matte)
  • Waragi Headlights
  • Waragi Taillights
  • Waragi Taillights (Matte)
  • Waragi Interior
  • Waragi Seats
  • Waragi Wing Mirrors (Box)


  • Djinn Berzerker (Chrome)
  • Djinn Berzerker (Gloss Black)
  • Djinn Berzerker (Col)
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