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SEIYO ESPACIO - Big Horn + Kit
Already a tough vehicle, the Seiyo Espacio been thoroughly retrofitted to go from brawny to hard as nails. The "Biig Horn" custom version of the Seiyo Espacio provides quick acceleration, cargo space and armor ready for some fiery inner city warfare.

Big Horn Contents
  • Big Horn ARV Front Bumper
  • Big Horn ARV Bull Bars
  • Big Horn ARV Grille
  • Big Horn ARV Headlights
  • Big Horn ARV Hood
  • Big Horn ARV Side Skirts
  • Big Horn ARV Wing Mirrors
  • Big Horn ARV Doors
  • Big Horn ARV Roof
  • Big Horn ARV Visor
  • Big Horn ARV Window Panels
  • Big Horn ARV Rear Bumper
  • Big Horn ARV Spoiler
  • Big Horn ARV Taillights
  • Espacio Reinforced Interior (Cross Faction)
  • Espacio Reinforced Seats (Cross Faction)
  • Espacio VES Warrior Wheels (Chrome)
  • Espacio VES Warrior Wheels (Gloss Black)
  • Espacio VES Warrior Wheels (Customizable)
  • Citadel ARV Mk I Top Enforcer Lights

This vehicle delivers as Big Horn on Enforcers and as a Mammoth for Criminals. View the Mammoth product page to find specific parts details.
2,490 1,992 G1C
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