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Cisco Z180 Ophelia
The prototype for the Ophelia Customs flagship enforcer range. Sleek and sexy. It cuts its way through the streets of San Paro like a switchblade razor. Woe betide any crims that get in the way. The "Ophelia" comes with 3 preset modifications.


  • Drive Type: All-wheel Drive
  • Acceleration: High
  • Speed: High
  • Grip: High
  • Durability: Low
  • Ramming Ability: Mid
  • Cargo Capacity: Low
  • Seats: 2
  • Faction: Enforcer
  • Modifiers:

  • Nitro Booster 3 - Increases engine output torque by 400% and top speed by 3m per second while active. However reduces turning speed by 90% while active. WARNING - May have undesired results on high torque engines!
  • Steel Plating 3 - Reduces damage from weapons by -30%. Reduces max speed by -15%.
  • Mobile Supply Unit - Deploys a Field Supplier but reduces cargo capacity by 3.
  • 999 799 G1C
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