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Army of FR0Gs Bundle (Account Lifetime)
LIFETIME VALUE - Account Bound

Named after the poison dart frogs of South America, the Agrotech FR0G is small and deadly. This close quarter firearm is the weapon of choice for aggressive players or those that prefer to be on the move.

The Army of FR0Gs Bundle comes with the following:

  • FR0G 'Kokoe' - The Kokoe comes pre-modded with 3-Point Sling 3 which will come in handy when you enter a close combat situation with a rifle in your hands.
  • FR0G 'Rocket' - The 'Rocket' comes with FR0G exclusive Litoria & Ranito skins. A built-in Pistol Silencer is also included which better obfuscate the direction of the shooter.
  • FR0G 'Thumbnail' - The 'Thumbnail' comes pre-modded with a Pistol Silencer and Reflex Sight 2 for faster target acquisition. Includes two FR0G exclusive Litoria 2 & Ranito 2 skins.
  • Bonus FR0G Skins - Includes exclusive Phyllo and Phyllo 2 skins
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