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Obeya FBW-SD PR1
Incorporates a Suppressor and Subsonic rounds to disguise the position of the user during operation. The Suppressor 's weight helps reduce recoil, though the specialized rounds result in less bullets per magazine and reduced damage against hard targets.


  • Health Damage: Low
  • Stamina Damage: Low
  • Hard Damage: Low
  • Effective Range: Mid
  • Rate of Fire: High
  • Reload Speed: High
  • Mobility: High
  • Clip Size: 12
  • Ammo Capacity: 60
  • Required Faction: Both
  • Modifier:

  • Pistol Silencer - Reduces muzzle flash and audio. Removes tracers. Reduces magazine size by 20%. Reduces horizontal recoil by -50%. Increases vertical recoil by +25%. Reduces damage to vehicles by -10%
  • 299 239 G1C
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