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Colby PMG-SD 28 'Hush' X-III
The Colby PMG-28 is a long-standing favorite with the San Paro community. A versatile close range weapon, its payload packs a mean punch and can be deployed accurately up to medium ranges. This variant comes equipped with a Silencer for a stealthy approach and 2 open slots available for mod customization.


  • Health Damage: Low - Mid
  • Stamina Damage: Low
  • Hard Damage: Low
  • Effective Range: Low
  • Rate of Fire: Mid
  • Reload Speed: Mid
  • Mobility: Max
  • Clip Size: 21
  • Ammo Capacity: 126
  • Ammo Type: Machine
  • Modifications:

  • Silencer
    - Reduces Muzzle Flash and Audio
    - Removes Tracers
    - Reduces Recoil by -30%
    - Reduces Damage to Vehicles by -10%
  • 599 479 G1C
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