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Criminal Bishada Spectre + Kit Bundle
Nothing projects “success” like a flashy sports car. The Bishada Spectre is a car with definite racing pedigree; perfect for dashing between firefights and looking good while you do it. The enlarged air scoops, sizable spoiler and multiple exhausts indicate that this is a vehicle that’s designed to go fast. After all, it’s a cut-throat city and if you’re not fast, you’re last.

This pack includes both the Bishada Spectre Vehicle and the Spectre Kit.

The Spectre Kit includes the following:

  • Spectre Front Bumper
  • Spectre Headlights
  • Spectre Hood
  • Spectre Side Skirts
  • Spectre Wing Mirrors
  • Spectre Doors
  • Spectre Roof
  • Spectre Rear Bumper
  • Spectre Spoiler
  • Spectre Tail Lights
  • Spectre Interior
  • Spectre Seats
  • Renzo Aero S-X2 (Chrome)
  • Renzo Aero S-X2 (Glossy Black/Colourable)
  • Renzo Aero S-X2 (Matte Black/Colourable)
  • Renzo Aero S-X2 (Matte Silver/Colourable)
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