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G-Force Race Pack
One-stop-shop for the Criminal speed demon, with the BEST VALUE price you can get. Everything you need to dominate the streets!


The G-Force Race Pack includes :
  • S1 Racing Gear
    • Clothing Unlock: Combat Harness
    • Clothing Unlock: Racing Helmet
    • Clothing Unlock: Racing Suit
  • Bishada Mako Racing Bundle
    • Customizable 4-Slot Vehicle: Bishada Mako
    • Mako Celerity GT Gauge
    • Mako Racing Doors
    • Mako Racing Front B
    • Mako Racing Headlights
    • Mako Racing Hood
    • Mako Racing Rear B.
    • Mako Racing Spoiler
    • Mako Racing Skirts
    • Mako Racing Roof
    • Mako Racing Seats
    • Mako Racing S. Wheel
    • Mako Racing Taillight
    • Mako Racing Wheels
    • Mako Racing Wheels (Gbk)
    • Mako Racing Wheels (Blk)
    • Mako Racing Wheels (Chr)
    • Mako Racing W. Mirrors
    • Mako Racing Roll Cage
    • Mako RGrid Racing Gauge
    • Mako GT Spoiler

Faction = CRIMINAL
Gender = BOTH
2,589 2,071 G1C
20% OFF!
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