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Impact Urban Warfare Pack
For the first time in APB’s history Criminals now have access to the Patriot V20. Throw in the 30 day ATAC Watchman with its Cooling Jacket 3, Hunting Sight and Silencer and a copy of the Scavenger weapon skin and this pack has everything you need to help you take over the city.

The Impact Urban Warfare Pack includes the following:
  • Combat Gear: Impact
  • Patriot V20 Nightrider
  • Scavenger Weapon Skin
  • ATAC 424 "Watchman" - 30 Day

ATTENTION: Please note that the Scavenger Weapon Skin applies only to the ATAC weapon and its variants.

The Combat Gear: Impact takes the maneuverability of civilian grade armor and adds the classic Criminal style to it for that little extra that you demand from your armor. The continually evolving urban war in San Paro needs you to adapt to survive.

The ATAC 424 “Watchman” is the brand new rifle from Agrotech. It’s got a great ammo count, fantastic rate of fire and is very powerful in close-to-medium range. This variant comes with a Cooling Jacket 3 to boost that rate of fire even higher and a Hunting Sight 3 to keep you on target. Add in a Rifle Silencer to keep things on the down low and Enforcers will never know what hit them. Add in the Scavenger weapon skin to make that ass-kicking you just handed out look oh so simple.

The Patriot V20 Nightrider - One of the fastest and most powerful vehicles in San Paro can be yours. The formerly Enforcer exclusive vehicle is now available to Criminals that purchase this pack!
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