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Vegas Rocker Bundle w/ Vegas Rhino 4x4

Includes both the Vegas G24 4x4 vehicle and kit

The rocker's life is a hard one. In a society now exultant of teenie bopper pop-stars, auto-tuned horrors, and "musicians" more likely to own a laptop than a musical instrument, someone has to throw up the horns and remind everyone what real music is: angry teenagers in garages wailing away on pawn-shop instruments as violently as if they owed them money. Someone needs to don the leather and denim uniform of the hard rocker and be the light-of-awesome in the darkness-of-lame.

Just because the world has moved on from bad hair and power ballads doesn't mean you have to.

Comes with:

  • Joker TAS20 Shotgun:
    • Reflex Sight 3
    • Magazine Pull 3
  • Vegas G24 Rhino 4x4
  • Studded Leather Boots
  • Baggy Beanie
  • Beaded Scarf
  • Studded Leather Jacket
  • Buckled Leather Trousers (Female Only)
  • Turn Up Torn Jeans (Male Only)
  • Vegas G20 Rhino Kit
  • Rhino Kit includes:

  • Vegas G20 Rhino Front Bumper
  • Vegas G20 Rhino Rear Bumper
  • Vegas G20 Rhino Doors
  • Vegas G20 Rhino Lights
  • Vegas G20 Rhino Hood
  • Vegas G20 Rhino Roof
  • Vegas G20 Rhino Seats
  • Vegas G20 Rhino Skirts
  • Vegas G20 Rhino Spoiler
  • Vegas G20 Rhino Interior
  • Vegas G20 Rhino Taillights
  • Vegas G20 Rhino Crash (Chrome)
  • Vegas G20 Rhino Crash (Black)
  • Vegas G20 Rhino Crash (Silver)
  • Vegas G20 Rhino WingMirrors
  • Vegas G20 Rhino Front Panels
  • Vegas G20 Rhino Rear Panels
  • 4,436 3,549 G1C
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