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Vegas G20 'Birth Racing' 4x4
Back when Birth first made his money, he thought it'd be great to get into drag racing, so he had this machine built. Then he crashed it, now it's all fixed up and it all belongs to you.


  • Drive Type: All-wheel Drive
  • Acceleration: Max
  • Speed: High - Max
  • Grip: Mid
  • Durability: Low - Mid
  • Ramming Ability: Mid
  • Cargo Capacity: Low - Mid
  • Seats: 2
  • Faction: Both
  • Modifiers:

  • Nitro Booster 3 - Increases engine output torque by 400% and top speed by 3m per second while active. However reduces turning speed by 90% while active. WARNING - May have undesired results on high torque engines!
  • Mobile Spawn Point - Allows player to spawn in their vehicle. Invalid if heavily damaged. Invalid if within 20 meters of a death location. Invalid if enemy is within 20m. Invalid if more than 12m above road level. Requires available seat.
  • Fast-Fix Chassis 3 - Reduces repair time by 30%.
  • Fireproofing 3 - Reduces Engine Fire Damage by -50%.
  • 1,399 1,119 G1C
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