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Key to the City Pack

Hey there high-roller, how you livin'?

Welcome to the elite of the elite, the select few who walk the streets of San Paro with their head held high and a knowing glint in their eye. They know the ins and the outs, its nooks and its crannies, when to hide and when to shoot and exactly how long to cook a grenade before throwing it straight into their opponents' bewildered faces.

You know more, and you want more. Well here it is. The ultimate collection of cars, guns, gear, designs, and emotes for all the characters you ever make on your account. The Key to the City Pack.

  • CARS.
    • Customizable Vegas G24 muscle car w/ bonus Djinn Diablos Wheels
    • Packer Toreador/Vengador SUV*
  • GUNS.
    • Joker CR-5 assault rifle
    • N-HVR 762 'DVAH' high-caliber sniper rifle
    • OCA-626 'Whisper' PR2 sub-machine gun.
  • GEAR.
    • Wargear Outfit*
    • Punk Clothing Pack
    • All fonts, symbols, and decals unlocked
    • All emotes unlocked
      * - The appearance of the Wargear outfits and SUVs depends on your character's faction.

      Due to the pack being heavily discounted substitutions for pack items are not currently available. No refunds or substitutions available for this product
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