An innovative F2P online multiplayer game from Ultimax Digital, Stonehold uniquely blends genres:

  • MOBA: Compete in team-based lane combat with fantasy character archetypes.

  • CCG: Earn collectible cards & abilities, strategically crafting hero loadouts.

Gameplay seamlessly fuses together in a classic fantasy theme, where players escape Ferra, a world of steel drained of natural life & retreat to Terra, an ancient, lush world full of magic, stone & wilderness.

Become a Warden

Players embody legendary stone effigies, transformed into powerful beings known as Wardens. After choosing and equipping one of 8 unique heroes, they will engage with foes on a 5x5 battlefield designed for strategic combat, aiming to harvest the opponents Ward Stone while guarding their own.

Team-based Level-up System

On the battlefield, your team shares experience and levels up as one unit. Once your team hits a breakthrough level, you will cast your vote for 1 of 3 teamwide passives that persist till the end of the match. Team passives can be one of the biggest power surges in Stonehold, but once the team vote is cast, there is no redo. So choose carefully!

True Freedom