Customizable Class-Based Combat

Prepare for the Underground.

Ships that Fight Underground reimagines the intense first-person ship shooter genre with Unreal Engine for a new generation!

Earth starves, resources dwindle, governments fall, and the last shreds of human civilization now belong to ruthless megacorporations. Mankind's survival depends on water and minerals from deep space and the brave pilots who fight within the underground hollowed-out interiors of asteroids.

Explore twisting mazes and cavernous maps while you move, hide, and attack from every direction. Deep dive into STFU's single-player campaign or prove yourself in a variety of pulse-pounding multiplayer PVP and co-op modes.

Built For Multiplayer

Customizable Class-Based Combat

Take on the role of resource agents fighting for every ounce of material they can get inside the sprawling caverns of asteroids. Fly your own ship acquiring water, ore, precious metals, and anything else you can get your hands on, then try to make it back out of the tunnels alive to return your prize to a harvester.

Fly your way in 20 different ships with distinct roles and play styles. Customize with unique cosmetic paint jobs, decals, lighting and trails, performance mods, and tech tree upgrades. Choose your ship, upgrade it, and dominate the match. With 5 classes including Assault, Defense, Miner, Hauler, and Engineer there is a play style for everyone.

Hybrid Gaming Model

Take part in a new Web 2.5 exclusive with game design that supports both traditional gaming communities and the optional integration of blockchain mechanics.

Design your own levels and maintain an active community to earn real revenue from the pilots who have pledged to your asteroid. Bring your community along and build up your forces to engage in corporate war with the other factions.

Buy or earn ships through hard work and determination while you engage in asteroid mining, intense multiplayer matches, 3 player co-op, and missions. If, through gameplay, a pilot acquires a rare Chain Node, they can initiate the conversion of their corporate owned ship into a tradeable Chain ship at no extra cost.

True Freedom