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Patch Notes

Patch 2.39

Patched on Wed 1969-12-31

4-18 Patch Notes


  • Added a new feature that allows players to track up to five missions at once. Waypoints for all tracked missions are displayed on the map and radar. 
  • Each faction now has a distinct color on the radar and nametags.  Players will show as this color consistently instead of relative to your highest faction. (CHOTA/red, Traveler/purple, Tech/blue, Lightbearer/orange, Vista/green, Enforcer/brown)
  • Help tips now stay closed when closed via the menu icon. If the window is not closed (you can see the arrow) they will always display upon reaching a new help tip.
  • The Trainer radar icon has been updated for all merchants that have "Trainer" in their label that shows under the name. A map filter has been added as well, allowing players to separate trainers from other merchants.  Trainers are now displayed as a light bulb on the radar and map.
  • The default pack tabs for new characters have been from single tab to Gear (armor and weapons), Ammo, Usable, Tradeskill, Mission and other.
  • The default pack icons size for new characters has been changed from “small” to “medium”.
  • Modified the size of the gear window to reduce amount of unnecessary space. 
  • Added a menu option to change the size of the player’s radar.
  • Added new icons for mounts on the map and radar.  Living mounts now appear as a blue horse head and vehicles now appear as a blue key.
  • New attribute windows have been added that can be accessed by double clicking on the attributes in the window.