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Patch Notes

Patch 2.27

Patched on Mon 2011-12-12
Live 12/14/2011

First Night has returned to the wasteland!

It’s that time of year again! the settlers have gathered and are working to bring the first Night Celebrations back to the wasteland, but it’s not going to be easy. Shiva’s Blessed are attacking, retailers are cheap and monsters are everywhere. If anyone is going to do any celebrating, they’re going to need the players help!

Questors can be found in:
Embry Crossroads, Watchtower, Barret Manor, Dieseltown and Los Alamos.

Introducing Faction Territory Control
Factions now have a new way to display their dominance in the new open-world PvP Territory Control system. When it comes to Faction Territory Control, there’s no such thing as alliances. It’s an all-out six-way showdown to see who’s on top.

The new area, just up the road North of Blaine, consists of 13 flag-based control points. These control points work like the ones used in the Faction Control Points system. Seven of those flags exist inside of upgradeable “keeps” that Factions can take and maintain control over. The keeps come with various perks, including access to the new Death Toll Gear. Additionally, holding any of the 13 control points will allow players of that faction to place Harvesters in the surrounding area.

Getting to Territory Control
  • To get to the area for the first time, take the road North of Blaine.
  • There are Faction camps in a circle around the outskirts of the area that have Fast Travel terminals to allow easy access to the area in the future.

  • The keeps have destructible doors that must be breached before any opposing Faction can contest control of the keep. The central keep also has destructible walls.
  • The doors and walls can be upgraded for Death Toll, increasing health and armor.
  • Players of the keep’s controlling Faction can gain access to the keep via LifeNet pods that have been repurposed as teleporters.
  • The keeps have a Broken LifeNet Generator that can be enabled with Death Toll to allow your Faction to regenerate at the keep.
  • The LifeNet Generator is attackable, even from outside the keep, and will cease respawning players if destroyed.
  • Broken LifeNet generators are invulnerable to attack and cannot be upgraded for the first five minutes after being broken.
  • The LifeNet Generator has more heath and respawns players with more health as it is upgraded.
  • Players respawned by a keep LifeNet Generator do not lose buffs from consumables or have their armor decayed.

    Keep Amenities
  • All keeps come stocked with all vaults, a mailbox, an auctioneer, a crafting facility, an all-purpose vending machine, and a Death Toll merchant selling keep upgrades.
  • The keeps also include Death Toll Merchants that sell old Death Toll gear and components needed to get the new Death Toll gear.
  • Different components needed for the new Death Toll gear are available at each keep, with the central keep granting access to all of the Death Toll components.

  • All control points will be immune for 60 minutes after being taken by a new Faction.
  • If a keep has immunity its doors, walls, and LifeNet generators are also immune to attack.

    Map Objective Icons
  • The new dynamic objective map icons are used to relay important information about the status of Territory Control.
  • Faction icons represent the current controller for each of the control points, and these icons are available on the World Map for any player to see regardless of where they are in the game.
  • If a control point is under attack, the icon will show flames on it. If the point has immunity, there will be a shield.
  • If a flag is being contested or if a control point has immunity, information about the time remaining is available in a tooltip when mousing over the map icon.

    Control Buffs
  • If a Faction holds at least one Control Point, all players of that Faction in the Territory Control will get a buff to Pistol, Rifle, Melee, Power, and Precision skills, as well as how much Experience, Faction, and Death Toll they earn.
  • There are 4 ranks of the effect. You gain one rank per control point your Faction holds, and that caps out at rank 4 (4 or more control points held).

    Keep Defense Missions
    Each keep has defense missions that players of the controlling Faction can take to earn Death Toll while defending their turf.

    Faction Emblem Items
    Fixed a bug with the Faction Emblem items that allowed them to be used multiple times without triggering the cooldown.

    Embry Crossroads has been completely reworked with new assets. The original layout was preserved as much as possible, as was NPC and facility placement. Terrain in the surrounding areas was also reworked. Texture load, batch count and poly count were all lowered, which should lead to better frame rate.

    Notable changes:
  • Main ballistics facility moved slightly. This is the only facility that was moved.
  • Kook Alley basements removed. This could cause issues with anyone who was in one when they logged out.
  • While NPC placement and overall layout was preserved, the buildings are different enough that some players could end up stuck inside a wall depending on where they logged out.
  • Chairs that can be sat on now have a cushion placed on them. It's the cushion that needs to be clicked on to activate the sitting animation.

    Miscellaneous Notes/Fixes:
  • Towing costs are now adjusted by level.
  • A few tradeable generic items have been added for roleplaying. These items can be bought from a new merchant at the bar in Barret Manor.
  • There are new holiday items – a festive three piece suit, a holiday themed bat, and a new special item that is wearable with any hat.
  • The Group XP formula has been redone to provide a much larger bonus for groups and to accommodate groups of all sizes up to the raid maximum.
  • Fixed several issues with respecs where the total cost or total AP was not calculated correctly.
  • Changed how crafting speed, harvesting speed, and salvaging speed are calculated when players have unusual combinations of buffs and account levels.

  • Death Toll merchants in the Territory Control keeps now sell components required to create new Death Toll items. The item selection varies by keep, and the central keep has all of them.
  • Death Toll Assembly is available for purchase in the Territory Control keeps. This book contains the recipes for all of the new Death Toll items.

  • Harvester recipes have been added to Construction. The recipe book for the first tier is available on Construction merchants.
  • General Construction now contains the recipe to make a Bag of Common Parts, which is used in creating new Death Toll items.
  • Self-Repairing Membranes no longer require Creeper Hides, only leather.

  • Harvesters are the first of several new features that allow players to control resource node harvesting and placement.
  • Harvesters can only be placed in Territory Control areas. They can only be placed around a keep your faction controls. Each player can only place one harvester in a large area.
  • Once placed, they spawn resource nodes around themselves and they also collect the same resource internally. Harvesters spawn resource nodes faster the longer they have existed.
  • Currently anyone can harvest the resource nodes created by the harvesters.
  • If the nearby keep is taken by a different faction, any harvesters nearby (and any nodes they created) are destroyed.
  • Only the player who created the harvester can talk to the harvester and get the items the harvester has collected internally. These items are created separately from the resource nodes.
  • Harvesters cannot be attacked.

  • The Technician now has a short chase range.
  • The Technician is now named Clone Dissector and is flagged as hostile.
  • The option to skip the tutorial occurs more often and is more obvious.
  • Krell and Sillby should no longer get stuck in the wrong animation if the player dies in the medical bay.
  • Krell and Sillby should no longer want go to the medical bay.
  • Players no longer have to harvest a crafting kit box. Players now get all the crafting kits at the end of the tutorial.
  • The Training Knowledges are now given out when players finish the harvesting room instead of at the start of the Tutorial.
  • All abilities related to Training Knowledges show up automatically on the hotbar if you do the full Tutorial.
  • Elena’s last radio message starts playing earlier. The door from the harvesting room now opens when you finish harvesting, not when the message has completed.
  • Players who harvest nodes but don’t pick up the items will have new nodes respawn in less than 1 minute. (You can’t level up skills on these nodes, or get more than 2 of each item.)
  • Locked door messages have been updated and now also appear as banner text.

    World Events:
    Simple node events have been added to the game. These events spawn harvest nodes in random areas. These events show up on the world map.

    Objective Icons:
    Objective Icons have been added to the world map for Fast Travel terminals, Progress Towns, Town Events, and non-timed Conflict Towns.

    Questors now say you are in the wrong faction if your highest faction is wrong for a mission. They used to say your HighFaction attribute was too high or too low.