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Patch Notes

Patch 2.41

Patched on Thu 2012-06-14

Live 6/14/2012

2.41 Patch Notes


  • Slightly boosted the effects of Deathtoll consumables
  • Lowered the Deathtoll cost of the Creeper, Lizard Dog and Porkupine Serums by 40%
  • Increased yield of all harvester, both the number of nodes and the amount of components on each node.
  • Doubled rewards for keep defense missions
  • Added 25% discount at merchants, fast travel and towing costs to Global Buff
  • Added Vaults to the keeps in the Dump.


Fixed a typo in the mission Understory.


Removed deprecated knowledge books from Mutagenics trainers.


  • Doubled Mutagenics tradeskill gain from crafting deathtoll consumables.
  • Slightly reduced randomly spawning area nodes in Alpha County and Deadfall while increasing placed nodes in encounter areas in these locations.


Adjusted no mount zones around keeps to prevent an exploit Merchants Added Crate of Harvester fuel and Harvesting Prospector to Reward Merchant