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To create a clan, a player must go to a Clan Manager NPC, which can be found in any barter town. Once the Clan Leader gets ten people in the clan, it becomes fully functional.

Clan Ranks

  • Each clan has up to five ranks that it can use to assign status to its members.
  • All clans have at least 1-3 ranks: Clan Members (rank 3+), Clan Officers (rank 2), and Clan Leader (rank 1)
  • There may only be one Clan Leader character
  • The Clan Leader may determine the names of all of the ranks within the clan

Clan Size

Having a clan of less than 250 people is the recommended guideline, as it is more manageable that way.

Clan Chat

Once a player joins a clan, they gain access to a special chat channel reserved only for members of their clan. A second channel is also supplied for Clan Officers.

Clan Vault

Clan Vaults holds clan funds and provides storage space for up to thirty-two items per clan member. Clan Leaders determine any permissions or limitations on the vaults’ use.