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Secret Santa!

Send a Marketplace purchase to a friend during the Secret Santa promotion (lasts until 12/25/2012)! Here's how it works:

  1. Purchase the Marketplace item you wish to gift for G1 Credits on the character you want the gift to come from. Note, you can only gift non-Premium, non-account bound items that were purchased in the Fallen Earth Marketplace for G1 Credits (so no Character Slots or Premiums of any sort).
  2. After you have completed the purchase Send an email to SecretSanta@gamersfirst.com and include the following information: (Note: The email must come from the email address that purchased the item you wish to gift)
    1. Account name that purchased the item that you wish to gift
    2. Character name that purchased the item to gift
    3. Playing times of the character that purchased the gift 
    4. Exact name of the item you wish to gift
    5. Character name of the person you are gifting (please make sure you spell the name correctly)
    6. Playing times of the character receiving the gift
    7. Holiday Greeting you would like the person receiving the gift to receive. This will be announced server-wide! 
      1. Example: Happy Holidays, thank you for all your help! From: Character name that is sending the item
      2. Happy Holidays from your Secret Santa!  (We will not say the character name that gifted the item).

Once we receive your email with the full details, Santa will be in touch with you in game to retrieve the item you wish to gift and start the delivery process.