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Public Test Server (PTS)

Fallen Earth's Public Test Server (PTS) allows all players to test out upcoming game features and expansions before they are pushed to the Live server. If you have an interest in testing out new features and improving them by submitting critical feedback thru bug reports and the PTS forum, then read below to get yourself access to PTS!

The easiest and fastest way to access the PTS is by doing the following:

1. Locate your Fallen Earth client folder.
2. Copy your entire folder to another location on your hard drive. Any location and name will do ("Fallen Earth PTS" is a good one).
3. Download FETestUpdater.exe and copy it into your new Fallen Earth folder (the root folder).
4. Run FETestUpdater.exe (the PTS-specific launcher), which will convert your Fallen Earth client into a PTS client.
5. Login with the same username and password you use for the live servers. Don't be surprised if you find slightly dated version of your live characters accessible to you :)

Important: The Fallen Earth test server will only be available for testing at set times and dates. These dates/times will be posted on our forums, so check there regularly!