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Fallen Earth 2nd Anniversary

Inter-factional hostilities have been steadily growing along side the voracious plantlife in Alpha County. Finally bubbling over the Wall, these boiling tensions between the faction alliances have heated the Wastes as far down as Northfields!  The Travelers have burned too many bridges, the CHOTA are out for a blood bath, and the Vista are evolving a new philosophy on life. The Enforcers have staked their order as peacekeepers and the Lightbearers have stepped in to enlighten their wayward “friends.” The Techs are just in it for the sociology. Now the faction heads have stepped in to lay down the law -- it’s a war they’re gunning for to settle it all, and YOU are their top recruit. Which faction will prevail when the six sides go head to head in New Flagstaff? And will the town be able to handle the destruction?


The anniversary live event will play out on Wednesday, October 5th and start at 16:00 GMT for European players, and again at 4 PM PDT (7 PM EDT) for North and South American players. The event will be visiting the capitals (Los Almos, Trader’s Flat, and New Flagstaff) and all faction towns in sectors 2, 3, 4 and Deadfall. The event finale battle royal will commence in New Flagstaff. Triumphant clones will receive a limited edition novelty item based on their highest faction!


New to Northfields or otherwise lacking in factional rank? Neutral players can earn faction by choosing which side to aggro during the event, but players wanting to earn faction ahead of time can hit any of these missions:


Travelers – Speak to No-Neck in Credit Bend for the mission "Unpleasant Shapes," "Imitated Humanity," or "Wisdom's Nearer When We Stoop"

Techs – Speak to Kelly Straub in Picus Ridge for the mission "A Closer Look"

Enforcers – Speak to Colin Zimmerman in Post 23 for the mission "Preventative Attack"

Lightbearers – Speak to Sister Tonja in Haven for the mission "Road Less Traveled"

Vistas – Speak to Tito Mendoza in Thorne’s Bluff for the mission "Judge Hunt"

CHOTA – Speak to a Claw of Redhand in Fracture for the mission "Test of Endurance"