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PremiumPrice: 999 G1CSave 20% -- go Premium now!799 G1C
Take your game to the next level! Pony up to premium and get the following benefits in-game: Up to a 90% bonus to all Contact Standing (XP) gains! 1 ... Learn More

Joker Mystery Box 18

Joker Mystery Box 18Price: 99 G1C
NEW! Unwrap the Mystery for just 99 G1C! This box features the exclusive Raptor 45 'Condor' Stalk your prey and sweep in for the kill with the R ... Learn More

Pack of Revelations Pass (Phase 1)

Pack of Revelations Pass (Phase 1)Price: 4999 G1CSave 20% -- go Premium now!3999 G1C
Pack of Revelations Pass (Phase 1) The moment of judgment is at hand with the release of the PACK OF REVELATIONS PASS. Reign your anger upon other ... Learn More

Juggernaut Strike Pack (Phase 4)

Juggernaut Strike Pack (Phase 4)Price: 4999 G1CSave 20% -- go Premium now!3999 G1C
Juggernaut Strike Pack (Phase 4) The JUGGERNAUT STRIKE PACK is what you need to smash through any opposition and bring the pain right to your enemi ... Learn More

Key to the City Pack

Key to the City PackPrice: 7999 G1CSave 20% -- go Premium now!6399 G1C
ACCOUNT LIFETIME PACKAGE Hey there high-roller, how you livin'? Welcome to the elite of the elite, the select few who walk the streets of San Paro ... Learn More

Key to the World Pack

Key to the World PackPrice: 15999 G1CSave 20% -- go Premium now!12799 G1C
LIMITED RELEASE - ACCOUNT LIFETIME PACKAGE You’re looking for some of the finer things in life but you don’t know where to start. The Key to the ... Learn More

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