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Factions have the ability to display their dominance in open-world PvP with Territory Control. When it comes to Faction Territory Control, there are no alliances. It’s an all-out six-way showdown to see who’s on top.

The new area, just up the road North of Blaine, consists of 13 flag-based control points. These control points work like the ones used in the Faction Control Points system. Seven of those flags exist inside of upgradeable “keeps” that Factions can take and maintain control over. The keeps come with various perks, including access to the new Death Toll Gear. Additionally, holding any of the 13 control points will allow players of that faction to place Harvesters in the surrounding area.

Map Icons

Territory Control MapA huge part of how players will be given information about the current state of Territory Control will be the dynamic “objective” icons we place on the map. These will be icons representing the Faction that currently holds each control point. Flames are added to the icon if that point is under attack or the flag is contested, and a shield is added if the control point has immunity (more on that later). If you mouse over these icons, their names and descriptions will provide additional information about what is going on.

Control Points

There are 13 total Control Points in the Territory Control area. These are represented by flags that players click on to take over control of an area. If your highest faction is different from the faction that currently holds the control point, clicking on the flag object will put the control point into a “contested” state. If the specific player that clicked on the flag stays alive and close enough to the flag for 5 minutes, their faction will take over control of the point. During this time, the name of the icon when you mouse over it will update each minute reflecting the time left before control changes to a new faction.



The 6 control points farthest away from the center of the map are just flags out in the open on the street. The inner “ring” of 7 control points (including the center point) all are inside of “keeps”. 6 of the keeps are basically identical to one another, each with a door that enemy players have to break down to gain access to the keep (where the control point flag is). The 7th keep is much larger and is in the very center of the map. That one has 2 doors and 2 walls (a destructible barrier on each side of the keep).

Keep Teleporters

Each keep has teleporters on the inside and outside of it. They allow players that belong to the Faction in control of the keep to get in and out of the keep easily. Using a teleporter will put an effect on you that keeps you from teleporting again for 15 seconds. The main keep has 4 teleporters on the inside and 4 teleporters on the outside. If anyone from a Faction other than the one in control of the keep clicks on a teleporter, it should tell them in chat “Only the keep controllers may use this.”

Keep Amenities

All of the 7 keeps should have the following things in them:

  • Sector, Barter, VIP, and Utility vaults
  • Mailbox
  • Auctioneer
  • Crafting Facility
  • All-Purpose Vending Machine
  • Death Toll Keep Upgrades Merchant
  • Death Toll Merchant that sells the old Death Toll Gear (Gunslinger’s, Marksman’s, Pulverizer’s, and Rejuvinating)

Additionally, there is a third Death Toll merchant that each keep has, but the merchant is different depending on which keep it is. This merchant will always have ammo, vehicle-related items like fuel and repair kits, and a Death Toll Assembly recipe book that teaches the recipes for crafting all the new Death Toll gear. The part that is different about each keep is that they sell a different Death Toll Tradeskill Component. Looking at the Territory Control map, the top left and bottom right keep merchants should sell the “Kinetic Amplifier” item. The top middle and bottom middle keep merchants should sell the “Revitalizing Matrix” item. The top right and bottom left keep merchants should sell the Alloy Plating item. The central keep merchant should sell all 3 of those items and also the Dynamic Grip Tape item.

Keep Upgrades

The keep doors and walls (main keep only) can be upgraded, as well as a LifeNet Generator that will enable keep respawning capabilities. The Death Toll Keep Upgrades Merchant mentioned above sells items that are to be used on whatever you want to upgrade.

There are now NPCs that stand next to each upgradeable object and will provide the current upgrade status if spoken to.

Keep Barrier Tier Upgrade items, when used on the door or wall of the keep, will increase the progress towards the next Tier Level of the door. This will significantly increase the door’s health. Keep Barrier Reinforcement items will “reinforce” the door, giving it more defenses and effectively lowering the amount of damage it takes from attacks. Each time the tier level of the barrier changes, it will lose any reinforcement status it may have had. Additionally, as the Tier Level of the door increases the door model will change. Each of the 4 Tier Levels has a different appearance. There is a known bug that causes the model change not to show up for anyone near the door at the time of the upgrade. If you log out and come back in or just run far enough away and back, you’ll see the correct model. The wall only has two models. It will appear one way for Tiers 1-3 and then another way for Tier 4 (max).

The LifeNet Generator will start out as a “Broken LifeNet Generator”. While in this “broken” state, players are not able to respawn at the keep and the LifeNet Generator should not be able to take damage. The Broken LifeNet Generator cannot be upgraded for 5 minutes after it spawns in. This is typically only a factor when enemy players destroy the LifeNet Generator and then it should very quickly respawn as a Broken LifeNet Generator. The LifeNet Generator should never be missing from the keep for more than about 10 or 15 seconds.

When the LifeNet Generator is upgraded from “Broken” status to Tier 1, the model will change to a repaired version and players will respawn inside the keep with 25% health when they die. They also should not lose any consumable buffs like they would if they respawned in a normal LifeNet facility. Upgrading the LifeNet Generator to Tier 2 will allow players to respawn at 50% health. Tier 3 is 75% health, and Tier 4 respawns at 100% health and also grants a small buff. Gamma and Stamina levels are affected similarly, but they are never lowered below the value they’re at when you die.

The LifeNet Generators are visible from outside the keep and can actually be damaged by players from outside the keep if their weapon has enough range.



Harvesters can be crafted by learning the Harvesters 1 knowledge at any Construction trainer (trainers can be found in the Faction camps in the Faction Territory Control area). Harvesters, once placed, will begin generating resource nodes, the type of which depends on the type of harvester being used. For example, a “Harvester Scrap Plastic” will generate barrels containing Scrap Plastic. The nodes can be scavenged by anyone, however the harvester will also generate resources of the same type that only its owner can collect, which they can retrieve by right clicking on it selecting the option to do so. You can place a harvester around any Control Point owend by your faction. You can place multiple harvesters around a control point, and each lasts for 3 hours, but will be lost if your Faction does not maintain control over that point.


For 60 minutes after a new Faction takes over a control point, that point will have immunity. This prevents any opposing player from taking control of the flag and also prevents them from attacking the keep doors, walls, or LifeNet Generator. A control point’s immunity status will be reflected on the map icon with a shield and mousing over that icon will reveal the approximate time the point will remain immune for.

“Under Attack” Icon Status for Keeps

The map icon for a keep will go into “Under Attack” status if any door, wall, or LifeNet Generator gets attacked. It should stay in “Under Attack” mode as long as any of those targets have player aggro on them (this can potentially last for several minutes after the target is no longer being attacked). Also if a door or wall is destroyed, the “Under Attack” status will remain for as long as the keep is open and vulnerable to being lost (because anyone can run inside now that there’s no door/wall). The icon will just say “Under Attack” during this time. The countdown “timer” will only show up if the actual flag for the keep is being contested.

Control Buffs

If a Faction is holding one or more Control Points, all players in the Territory Control area belonging to that Faction will get a buff that raises their Pistol, Rifle, Melee, Power, and Precision skills, as well as how much Experience, Faction, and Death Toll they earn. There are 4 ranks of the effect. You gain one rank per control point your Faction holds, and that caps out at rank 4 (4 or more control points held).

Keep Defense Missions

A Faction quest-giver is inside all 7 keeps. They give out a Keep Defense mission that only players of the controlling faction can take. The defense mission requires you to stay in the vicinity of the Keep and make sure your Faction doesn’t lose control of the keep. The mission will fail if you lose control of the keep. If you stray too far away from the keep you’re defending, the timer will stop ticking down and you’ll be told to return to the keep area to continue defending. These missions should be repeatable, and once completed they can be turned in at any keep your Faction controls.