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New Gear, Black Box and G.O.R.E. Items Added!
By Fallen Earth Team | Tue 2012-09-11
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New gear is available in the Fallen Earth Marketplace today, along with some items that will make your path to obtaining Globaltech Ordnance of Rapid Extermination (G.O.R.E.) weapons a bit less rocky!

First off, there are ALL NEW ITEMS available in The Black Box: the Horned Helm and Stitched Helm (all-new model), the Ninja-Vanish! and Swashbuckler Sweats hoodies (all new model) and the Customizeable Wedding Dress (which is dyeable). At the same time the Mad Leather Jacket, Worn Belted Leather Pants, Mad Fanged Helm, Valkyrie Waster Suit, and Valkyrie Waster Helmet have all been removed from The Black Box, and are now for direct sale in the Marketplace!

Along with our 3rd Anniversary Update (2.5) that went live today, we have added a few items that augment the player-craftable G.O.R.E. epic weapons that have been unveiled. These are:

Boss Baits!

These allow you to summon the new Scavenger Bosses in Terminal Woods and Deadfall, which drop key components necessary for G.O.R.E. weapons. These baits can also be obtained from a random box available on Citadel and certain Death Toll merchants, but can be directly purchased from the Marketplace as well.

Creeper Bait – Summons Crabbahoak at his dwelling place in Terminal Woods.
Pest Spray – Summons Buzzkill at his dwelling place in Terminal Woods.
Cursed Glowstick – Summons Lilith at her dwelling place in Deadfall.

G.O.R.E. Enhancement - Aids in the creation of G.O.R.E. level 55 Weapons. Increases successful upgrade chance by 5%, and removes the chance of failure completely. Without this Enhancement, there is a chance to lose your base level G.O.R.E. weapon when upgrading, or downgrade from higher level versions. This item is also available in Red Lockboxes.

Head to the Marketplace now and check everything out!

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