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Labor Day Sale!
By Fallen Earth Team | Fri 2012-08-31
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Greetings Dutiful Corporate Drones, Overly-Cheerful Retail Mavens, Mostly Patient Wait-Persons, Sunburnt Day Laborers, and Heart-Is-In-The-Right-Place-But-Execution-Leaves-Something-To-Be-Desired-Homeland-Security-Staff-Monitoring-Our-Every-Electronic-Communication,
Labor Day’s coming up, and we’re all going to un-ironically celebrate the supposed hard work we do every other day of the year by doing some federally-sponsored-nothing this weekend. And let’s face it – we’re all underpaid (except Dave – Dave, you make way too much money, share some with the rest of us you fat cat, you don’t want us to start an Occupy Dave’s House now do you?). Nothing helps out us underpaid stooges like sales, because they allow us to wring glimmering droplets of consumer-driven satisfaction from our modern existence by rationalizing buying things we don’t really need, like electric wine openers, a fridge for the garage, and slippers shaped like cat feet. 
So, good news! If your particular brand of retail-therapy is discounted pixels, boy have we got some for you! 
There’s a massive sale going on in the marketplace this weekend (starting Friday at 4 PM PDT), with markdowns of up to 75% on all sorts of great stuff. Pick up your vault slot expansions, your Respec Injectors, or whatever else tickles your working-class fancy.
In all seriousness though, your support of Fallen Earth is extremely appreciated, so if you’re enjoying playing the game, please do check out some of the hotness on the marketplace now.
(Oh, and if you’re not in the United States, you’re allowed to partake of this Labor Day sale too; and try to be at least a bit lazy on Monday, otherwise you’ll make the rest of us look bad).
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