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Patch Notes

Patch 3.3

Patched on Wed 1969-12-31

Version 3.3 Patch Notes

The Outpost:

The Outpost is now live. Located south of Alpha County the Outpost has a new player-craftable town, new faction missions, World events and bosses as well as new armor and vehicle recipes. The Outpost attacks will be less frequent than other player built towns, but the difficulty of the attacks will be higher.


Murder of Crows/Unkindness of Ravens attack delay reduced to 1 seconds from 1.5 seconds.

The price of Stump Seeds has been lowered to reflect the cost of materials.



Fixed tooltip errors and typos.

Primal Vigor no longer stacks with higher ranks

The cooldown for Molotov Cocktail was increased to 30 seconds

The cooldown for Inconspicuous was lowered to 3 seconds.

Abilities that apply Damage Over Time Effects will be easier to remove if more than one is applied to a target.