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Latest News and Updates
Lockbox Sale
Posted on Thu 2014-04-17
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Seen an item on the Marketplace or Auction House that you've been wanting, but can't get. Test your luck with a Lockbox this weekend at 25% off.
Backpacks and Boots sale
Posted on Thu 2014-04-10
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Everyone in the wasteland needs a good pair of boots and a pack to scavenge around with. This weekend we are putting out some new boots and backpack clothing items at an introductory 25% off through Monday. There's even a pack bundle with a 4 slot pack upgrade for more savings.
March Sub. Rewards Ready
Posted on Thu 2014-04-03
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March subscriber rewards have been sent. Log in to the marketplace and go to redeem to claim yours.
Spring Formal Clothing Sale
Posted on Thu 2014-04-03
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Now that Spring has arrived, it's time to freshen up your style with some new formal wear. These items are also being introduce at 25% off this weekend only. Also, per request, the Tribal Chopper will be in the store at 25% off this weekend as well.