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Latest News and Updates
Booster Sale
Posted on Thu 2014-11-13
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Need that extra edge in the wasteland, grab some boosters this weekend while they're 25% off.
Fall Farm Sale
Posted on Thu 2014-11-06
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Need a boost to help survive the harsh wasteland winter, stock up now on farm supplies. End of Fall Farm sale, all farm items 25% off this weekend.
October Sub Rewards Ready
Posted on Mon 2014-11-03
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October Subscriber Rewards ready. Go to the marketplace and login to redeem code.
Halloween Sale
Posted on Fri 2014-10-31
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This Halloween weekend, Fallen Earth will be haunted with Halloween events, but if you still can't seem to find the right treat you're looking for, head over to the store to find all of the Halloween outfits for 25% off this weekend.