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Joker CR-5 PR2
An Armas Underground Joker CR-5. This version features strongly improved accuracy when in marksmanship mode and greatly improved range. Pin-hole target aperture sight greatly improves accuracy. Percision laser-cut polygonal rifling improves operational range.


  • Health Damage: Mid - Low
  • Stamina Damage: Low
  • Hard Damage: Low
  • Effective Range: Mid
  • Rate of Fire: Mid - High
  • Reload Speed: Mid
  • Mobility: Max
  • Clip Size: 32
  • Ammo Capacity: 128
  • Required Faction: Both
  • Modifiers:

  • Hunting Sight 3 - Increases Marksmanship mode substantially, Increases zoom level by 5 degrees.
  • Improved Rifling 3 - Increases effective range by +7m, and maximum reticule bloom substantially.
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