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  • Intense Action Combat – Dodge cannon fire and missiles in real time, blast your afterburners to pursue prey, execute complicated maneuvers in inertial flight mode, or escape to safety with a micro-jump. You’re in direct control of your ship; act accordingly.
  • Career Progression – Advance in one of three careers, and gain access to unique abilities and ships for each. Cloak yourself and launch surprise attacks as a sneaky Suppressor, charge head-on into battle as a hulking Vanguard, or employ a careful balance of offense and defense as an Assault.
  • Asteroid Mining – Capture the vast bounty of the final frontier But be careful: some of the best mining opportunities are also the most dangerous.
  • Crafting – Find project blueprint to turn raw resources into whatever anything under the sun, from weapons to warships, or apply modifications to turn that dusty old cannon into a bleeding-edge blaster.
  • Market System – Use the interstellar market to unload the spoils of your progress, or twist it to your advantage by buying low and selling high. The choice is yours.
  • Corporations – Gather your friends and lead your corporation to galactic prominence using shrewd business tactics, or simply crush the competition with sheer martial prowess.
  • Territory Conquest – Take part in the strategic conquest of the universe, with massive warships capable of occupying entire regions of space, and monopolizing it's resources until opposing corporations muster the firepower to unseat those in power.
  • PVP – Trawl for unsuspecting victims in unsafe regions of space, participate in Territory Conquest, or join an instanced Battlespace; PvP is everywhere.
  • Free2Play – The choice to pay is yours. If you never want to pay, you never have to! Conveniences, customization, and other possibilities await in the marketplace, but it will never be a requirement to pay real money, meaning you can play free forever!