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Frequently Asked Questions


Taikodom: Living Universe is a space-action MMO developed by Hoplon Infotainment and published by GamersFirst. The player assumes control of a pilot attempting to survive and thrive in a hostile and richly imagined future universe.

MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online game. In this case, it means a game where many thousands of players can all play the same game and cooperate or compete in an online virtual community.

Taikodom is unlike anything currently available. As a space-action game, the player is in full control of his or her actions, as opposed to selecting an action and then watching as the character onscreen executes it. This means that as the player engages in dogfights, mines asteroids, performs missions, or trades at space stations, everything happens in real-time.

We’ll let you know when we reach a limit! Taikodom is designed to allow many, many thousands of simultaneous connections all on one server.

A need may arise in the future to open more than one server, but Taikodom is designed from the ground up to simulate a massive section of space, accessible to many thousands of players all at once.

In line with all of GamersFirst’s philosophy and mission statement, there will be no mandatory purchase or subscription cost to play Taikodom. All content and zones, at launch and in the future, will be accessible to all players. Players will have the option to add conveniences or purchase utilities from the Hoplon Foundation in the game, but the focus will be on creating a fun game that is accessible to as many people as possible without any barriers to entry.

Controls are designed to work perfectly when using a mouse and keyboard, but it will also be possible to use your favorite joystick or gamepad.

Taikodom is available through GamersFirst in English. Hoplon Infotainment operates a Brazilian version of the game in Portuguese.

Taikodom can be found on Facebook here and on Twitter here.

Taikodom is currently only available to Closed Beta testers. If you received an invitation to participate in the Closed Beta, the link to download the client is available in your email.

You can register for a GamersFirst account here. When open beta arrives, you will be able to login to the game using this account.

Some lucky Closed Beta testers are already playing! If you’re not, make sure you’re signed up for Closed Beta, and eventually you’ll get an email with your invitation. Taikodom will be available to non-beta testers when all important testing has been completed and the game is launched this Fall.

Closed Beta is currently underway with a select group of invitees, and invites are currently being sent as testing needs increase.

Your beta key will be emailed to you when you are selected to participate, or if you choose to support Taikodom with the purchase of a Founder’s Club package, you will receive priority access.

Beta selection is based on a number of factors depending on the needs of the beta. Your friend may have satisfied those needs.

Closed beta should last for approximately one month

Not from Closed Beta, as several database wipes will be necessary, but it is feasible that characters will be transferred from Open Beta to launch.

We still have your signup, don’t worry! A short time ago we updated our signup process, and while all older signups were preserved, a side effect of this was that on the page it may incorrectly report that you are not signed up.

The three career choices in Taikodom are Assault, Vanguard, and Suppressor. Visit the careers page to learn more!

Yes! Taikodom: Living Universe will be heavily focused on the conflicts that erupt when factions, corporations, and lone pilots clash for power, money, and the limited resources of the known universe. There are some areas where PvP is strictly discouraged by NPC patrols, and other areas where combat is completely open and unrestricted.

Players of traditional MMOs will be familiar with the PvE content in Taikodom. You can take missions, battle NPCs, and battle bosses.

Yes; players can join together to form “Squads” and share objectives amongst squadmates.

Yes; players can create corporations, which form the backbone of the conflict in Taikodom. Corporations will often find themselves at odds with one another for resources, money, and even talented pilots.

The game is patched regularly with bugfixes and content updates. These will most often occur during a scheduled weekly maintenance period, but will sometimes be important enough to enter into a special hotfix maintenance period.

The game will constantly be expanded to the order of several times per year with major content updates, aimed at providing more opportunities, customization, and gameplay options to players.

You will never have to pay for any content updates or expansions.

We’ll post maintenance times on the website, Facebook, and Twitter