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Account Protection

You work hard for your ship and the respect of the other players, so guard your account carefully, because there are people out there who will try to scam you and take your account!

Here are some basic rules for protecting yourself from scammers:


  • Check the URL of sites when you click on links.
    Some scam sites look just like the Taikodom site, and may claim to offer free promotions– these are not affiliated with Taikodom and are probably trying to steal your account.
  • Don’t use your account name/password on other sites.
    While fan sites are an important part of the community, they are not operated by GamersFirst! Do not use your Taikodom account name or password to register anywhere else.
  • Don’t use a password that can be guessed easily.
    Avoid using words or numbers that are easy to guess. Simple phrases or number combinations are also easy to guess.
  • Don’t give your password to ANYONE!
    This includes clan mates, friends in game, and even anyone who claims to be GAMERSFIRST or Taikodom staff. Don’t allow anyone access to your account – you are responsible for your account, and if you share it and it gets banned, you won’t get it back!
  • Don’t let anyone know your Secret Questions or Secret Answers.
    This information is something only you should know! Your Secret Answers can unlock personal information on the account.
  • Don’t trust anyone who claims to be GAMERSFIRST staff on XFire or chat programs!
    Anyone can use any name on these programs. We don’t use XFire, AIM, or MSN, and anyone on these programs that claims to work for GAMERSFIRST or Taikodom is trying to scam you!
  • Don’t use 3rd party tools.
    Lots of them are not only against the Terms of Service, but contain malicious hacks and Trojans that might steal your information!
  • Don’t trust 3rd party websites.
    If it’s not then it is NOT official.


  • Do install and update an anti-virus program.
  • Do use complex passwords.
  • Do change your password at least once a month.
  • Do log out of the game/website whenever you’re not paying attention.

PC Café

  • Close all browser windows when finished with them.

Log out of the Taikodom client.